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TP Audit is a joint initiative of Tiberghien and Tiberghien economics, operating as one multi-disciplinary team dealing with your tax and/or transfer pricing audits. Our team consists of highly experienced lawyers and transfer pricing economists working in symbiosis, with in-depth knowledge in the domains of tax, transfer pricing and all procedural aspects including litigation. The benefits of our unique approach:

  • We provide support during each phase of the audit process ensuring you are aware of all your rights and obligations, both content-wise and from a procedural perspective;
  • We assure that tax authorities follow procedures and tax laws, and act within the boundaries as foreseen by the legislator;
  • We have an open mind-set when entering an audit procedure. We do not only focus on settlement as we do not experience fear to take strong, well-founded positions and to initiate a procedure from a juridical perspective or litigation if believed to be appropriate (after thoroughly assessing various routes).

We offer dispute resolution mechanisms regarding double taxation. Our services add value regardless the phase of the audit you are already involved in. The range of our services can be performed flexible depending on your preferences.

We can provide:

  • a review;
  • advice with respect to the audit case and replies prepared by you and position papers of tax inspectors;
  • full blown assistance during the audit process, such as gathering relevant information and drafting replies to the request for information.

We are present in the (virtual) room during the contact moments with the tax inspectors. During these key moments in the audit procedure, we make sure that all direct and indirect transfer pricing aspects are taken into consideration.

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